All the ECT+ students will meet in the Plentzia Marine Station (UPV/EHU) for 2 weeks at the beginning of semester 3, with 40+ lecturers; ECT+ EMJMD students from the previous cohort and ECT+ Consortium graduates carrying out their PhD; academic and research staff from Partners and Associated Partners; and invited lecturers from Europe and overseas.

The main topics are emerging pollutants (nanotoxicology, microplastics, …), high throughput analyses, toxicity mechanisms, monitoring and environmental specimen banking, risk assessment of chemical, ecosystem health in a global change scenario, and EU environmental policies.

Lectures are combined with tutorials, round-table type workshops and a “cineforum” session. The course  is based upon 4-5 lectures per day, with a round-table where the students ask questions and discuss with the day’s staff panel for 1-2 hours.

The course includes the participation of stakeholders in round tables and in satellite activities such as visits to their premises or small exhibition fairs organised around its celebration. A special INCyTA session about Women in Science is scheduled, with contributions from relevant scientists in the field of ecotoxicology. Social and cultural integration is also pursued and a course dinner, a 1-day cultural trip and other cultural activities for students/staff are organised. Students have the opportunity to establish contacts for their future career, during this venue.