All of the activities of all the Partners are evaluated on a regular basis, by an external National Body, which takes into account the results of the internal evaluation. In particular, all curricula are scrutinised on a regular basis. In order to obtain the authorisation to award their degrees, the Partners have to justify the quality of their teaching staff and, in particular, the quality of their research. They also all have to show that students obtain qualified jobs after completing their degrees. In addition, there are several ways in which the quality of the programme is checked, both inside the Partner Institutions and externally.

Associates are committed to QA procedures of the ECT+ EMJMD. Most directly involved are those acting as representatives in the JPB and UABs. Other Associated Partners are invited periodically to visit us and produce internal reports, for either individual UABs or the JPB. All of them receive the reports made by external examiners, to provide advice to the JPB.

All of these sources of information are used to identify strengths and weaknesses, as a basis for developing and further enhancing individual units and the programme, as a whole. All feedback is used carefully, to gather information on how the programme and the individual modules can be improved.