The MER JPB appoints an academic adviser (mentor) for every applicant admitted. The mentor will follow the progress and assist the student, following registration. Additionally, the student will have an in-situ tutor and also a research supervisor, during the realisation of the MSc Thesis, which can be either the mentor or not.

Academic advisers (mentors) are teachers which students can rely upon for obtaining advice about their work; they form a link between students and the JPB and UAB, but communication might well be only by e-mail. However, tutors are in-situ support for daily academic, or other, affairs. Whenever possible, the same teacher will be mentor and tutor for a given student, but not necessarily the supervisor.

The tutor (not necessarily, but in most cases, their own mentor) and committed local students (escort), will help foreign students with university administration and to break the language barrier. Escort attention is not scheduled individually (it will be planned according to the number of hosted and home students), but is reciprocal (every enrolled student may be escorted abroad and must act as escort at home). Third-Country students might be disengaged from acting as escorts.

Support is provided to students as soon as they are recruited. The Partner Universities commit themselves to help students with their visa procedure. They are used to contact Embassies and Consulates, in order to facilitate the venue of the students (official letters, calls, emails, explaining the nature of the programme, confirm the selection of the students, their motivation, their determination, etc).