Open Call: late-November
STEP 1 (Eligibility) Deadline: January 25th
Eligibility Checking
  • Applicant:
    • Register
    • Upload Eligibility documents (mandatory) and Scholarship documents (optional at this step) (1)
    • Submit for Eligibility before deadline
  • ECT+ Secretariat:
    • Revise submissions (information and supporting documents)
    • Calculate the Eligibility Score
  • ECT+ JPB:
    • Applicant Eligibility Decision (February 25th)
STEP 2A (EM Student Scholarships) Deadline: March 20th
EM Student Scholarship Selection
  • Applicant (mandatory actions):
    • Upload required documents and Information
    • Accept Proposed Study Plan (subject to further changes) (2)
    • Accept Student Agreement Draft
    • Reply to ECT+ Secretariat’s queries
    • Apply for ERASMUS Mundus Scholarships
    • Invite referees (online)
    • Submit before deadline
  • Submission of References by referees (3) (this can be after submision by the applicant)
  • ECT+ Secretariat and JPB:
    • Revise submissions (information and supporting documents)
    • Selection Board Meeting
    • Consultation to EACEA
    • Publish preliminary results of EM Student Scholarship Selection (4)
    • Respond to Appeals
    • Erasmus Student Scholarship Final Decission: April 15th
    • Final Acceptance(5)
    • Enrolment of EM Student Scholarship Holders
STEP 2B & 2C (Self-Funded Students) Deadline: May 15th
Self-Funded Students Selection
  • ECT+ Secretariat and JPB:
    • Re-open (late March) the On-line Application System for Self-Funded Students
      (new applicants and applicants non-selected for EM Student Scholarship)
  • Self-Funded Students:
    • Upload required documents and Information
    • Submit the Self-funded Student form (PDF)
    • Apply for MCG waivers and MCG mobility grants
STEP 3 (Enrolment) Deadline: June 30th
Preparatory Phase
  • Self-funded students:
    • Pay registration fees (6)
    • Reply to ECT+ Secretariat’s queries (accommodation procedures, …) 
  • ECT+ Secretariat & Partners’ IROs:
    • Assistance for visas, travel and accommodation
“Intro” days & Start of S1 Courses: Early September
  • Original BSc Diploma (and legalized copy) is required at this step
  • Bank account management
  • Police and Foreing Office procedures
  • Academic activities (welcome by each partner university, description of the programe, calendar)

(1) Proof of Nationality, Proof of Proficiency in English, Transcript of Records, Curriculum Vitae, Eligibility Form.

(2) Only used to make each applicant’s profile by the Selection Board.

(3) Only references received before the Selection Board Meeting can be used for scoring for EM Student Scholarship.

(4) This is not definitive until the EACEA confirms the decision made by ECT+ Consortium JPB (April 15th at the latest).

(5) This is definitive, as some selected candidates will resign, movements from the reserve list can take place at this step and new EM Student Scholarship offers can be done.

(6) Final acceptance to Self –Funded Students will be approved only upon receiving the Self-Funded Student Form, the Provisional Student Agreement (SAD) and the Payment according to the SAD. Assistance for accommodation can be only ensured for early applicants.


DISCLAIMER: The ECT+ program is in the process of a new project application (2024-2030). The award of scholarships is depending on a positive selection decision by EACEA for the ECT+ project proposal under the EMJM 2024 call.

The ECT+ Consortium will grant selected students with MCGs (covering the full program fees and self-maintenance monthly allowance) in case the new program project not being awarded by EACEA.