Professional Placements

The multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral nature of the Extended ECT Consortium will generate opportunities by combining and integrating a wide range of research based expertise in different disciplines in one programme. The supporting network will provide sufficient opportunities for Professional Practice internships. Under certain conditions (se Catalogue of Courses), these placements can be used for official recognition of other taught masters programme.

Professional practice

Through the optional Professional Practice module (6 ECTS) students become familiar with different workplace functions and roles expected for a particular profession. Students are challenged to understand how knowledge acquired during schooling may be applied to solving problems in real world situations and get an awareness of training needs and career aspirations in the field of ecotoxicology research and management.

Through the Professional Practice students will be immersed in the working environment and will get acquainted with real-life job world. The educational quality of this practical experience will be guaranteed through a Professional Practice agreement, and monitoring and assessment reports and procedures. An academic supervisor is allocated by the partner university and a professional supervisor by the practice provider. The latter will submit independently an evaluation report dealing with the student’s performance and achievements; the former wil.