Each Partner University sets up its University Academic Board (UAB), in accordance with its regulations and is responsible for the operation of the Programmes at its own institution. This includes, for instance, the following roles for the academic supervisor (UAB Chair) and the International staff: welcome the students, provide student facilities, accompany students to prepare their mobility schedule before and after their arrival (inscription, VISA, accommodation, language course, insurance, bank account opening etc), management of the corresponding part of the lump sum and participation costs, assist students with any administrative issues. The UABs will support the JPB, in meeting its responsibilities; it will manage the academic issues within its Partner University. The UABs will assist each National Coordinator in ensuring the smooth operation of the Programmes at its own Partner University.


  • ULiège UAB: Krishna Das (Chair); Sylvie Gobert; Mathieu Poulicek
  • NTNU UAB: Björn Munro-Jenssen (Chair); Åse Krøkje; Martin Wagner
  • UBx UAB: Agnés Feurtet-Mazel & Nathalie Geneste (Co-Chairs); Jörg Schafer
  • UPPA UAB: Mathilde Montperrus (Chair); Frank D’Amico; Laurent  Lanceleur
  • UPO UAB: Lucia Guilhermino (Chair); Vitor Vasconcelos; Eduardo Rocha
  • UPV/EHU UAB: Ibon Cancio (Chair); Ionan Marigómez; Olatz Zuloaga