The MSc Thesis research is undertaken during Semester 4 (30 ECTS). Upon completion of the MSc Thesis the student should demonstrate sufficiency for research in order to undertake the realisation of the PhD Thesis work, or a professional activity as researcher. A list of available MSc Thesis research projects will be available every year.

The MSc Thesis is judged following the procedure of the Coordinating University (UPV/EHU) where the students present the MSc Thesis, unless otherwise agreed. The thesis has to be written up and defended in front of a Thesis Examination Board, proposed by the JPB. The thesis written report will be presented in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or Basque language (+ 2nd language summary), always according to the standard structure/extension of a scientific paper; the dissertation assessment will include a 20 min oral presentation plus a questions/discussion session for an additional 15 min. The oral presentation will be made in English and a simultaneous translation service will not be available. The MSc Thesis is judged following the consensus procedure approved by the ECT Consortium JPB.