Student Agreement Draft

A Student Agreement Draft (SAD) is acceptd by the applicants as a part of the application procedure. This document is a non-signed on-line full draft version of the future Draft Agreement which upon acceptance by the applicants is considered as a proof that they know the rules, conditions, commitments, rights and duties, as well as the administrative, academic and economical main questions dealing with the ECT+ EMJMD programme they are willing to enrol if selected. The SAD is not a entailing document.

Legally binding Student Agreement

The definitive legally binding Student Agreement (PDF) will be signed by the enrolled student and the ECT Consortium JPB Chair in two originals at the time of enrolment or later, and can be revised by common agreement. The agreement stipulates the rights and duties of the parties, concerning the nature of the relationship between the student and the ECT Consortium, academic matters, other ECT Consortium activities (compulsory participation in joint activities, evaluation), and financial issues (scholarships, tuition fees, etc.). It also states the concent gioven by the stduent to the ECT Consortium for use of student’s image.

The Agreement is completed by a learning agreement modelled on the Erasmus learning agreement and by a Code of Ethics. A summary of the rights, obligations and responsibilities for the student and the Consortium is also annexed to the Student Agreement. The general complaint procedure is clearly explained in the Student Agreement.